Doulas Northwest | The Best Sleep We’ve Had Since Our Baby Was Born
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16 Feb The Best Sleep We’ve Had Since Our Baby Was Born


“That was the best sleep we’ve had since our baby was born.” is a wonderfully common phrase we hear from client families after our first night in their home.  


And it’s what we want to hear. It’s our wish for you. Actual rest that leaves you feeling more prepared and capable of taking on today. 


Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Sleep. Rest. Feeling rested. I wish it were as simple as it sounds. Especially with a new baby in the house. 


Giving this a try is simple. It’s as simple as a phone call and then saying -YES- to yourself. 


And one of the coolest parts of hiring overnight support is that you can say -YES- to as few as one night, or as many as one hundred nights! 


Almost a year of pregnancy. 


Squishy, gorgeous, hungry baby. 

Lost sleep. 

Healing bodies. 

Noisy, adjusting to life on the outside bodies. 

Steep learning curves for everyone. 


This is what leads to the legitimate need and desire for overnight support from our Postpartum & Infant Care Doulas. And our support works. Try us!

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