Doulas Northwest | The Importance Of The Team: Part Two
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03 Apr The Importance Of The Team: Part Two


Ready for Part Two? We are continuing to offer insight into the foundations of your Doulas Northwest team of Doulas.

Who are we?

What’s the big deal with our team?

What sets us apart?


As mentioned in Part One, the team model behind Doulas Northwest serves to increase and improve a number of key elements, foundational to distinctive support.

As a team, we can:

  • Be more available
  • Provide both you and each other with more reliable backup systems
  • Offer a wider range of services
  • Do more for our community
  • Experience more sustainability in this work, sticking around long term


Featured in Part One, Nikki Pope’s personal and professional character was highlighted. I’m sure you can see why she is so well loved and why she is a vital member of this team.


Today we feature Sophia Hatzimichael-Brenni.


Sophia Hatzimichael-Brenni Doula Placenta Specialist


When Sophia relocated to the Pacific Northwest from San Francisco, adding her to our team was an easy decision. She had already established herself as a well loved Doula and Massage Therapist, and brings a lovely grounding dynamic to our team.


In this already published blog post of hers, she speaks about: “Why I Doula”.


And there is no need for me to add to them -her words are the perfect way to polish off The Importance Of The Team: Part Two


Next, head over and check out her Doula Bio. And if you want to know more about how she can be your Doula, give me a call at (360) 602.1564.




Kristyn Blocher

Doulas, Owner and Founder, Doulas Northwest



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