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the noise of COVID

18 Jul The Noise Of COVID


Pacific Northwest parents and families: how are you doing? Obviously, it’s been a helluva year so far. 


If you’re like us, then you’ve been greatly affected by what I am calling the noise of COVID


“The noise?” you say? Yes, the noise. The voices, chatter, information, constant overstimulation, and other inputs we’ve had overshadowing us this year which has shifted us into a whole new way of existing. At least, for now. 


Off the top of my head, I made a list to unpack some of this noise that has been the loudest:



The noise says to be afraid of:



the unseen



The noise tells us different things about what is: 



comes next

has happened so far

who to trust

the ins and outs of masks



The noise says we can no longer be certain of:

the future

our security

our leadership

what to expect next


Job loss & financial stress

The noise says that outside of the independently wealthy, nearly every person we know is experiencing at least the threat of:

lost professional identities and income

their businesses closing, including our own

basic needs no longer being met


K-12 school?

The noise says our entire system of education is at risk and -is- itself, a risk. Our nation’s children are:




caught in the middle



The noise says ‘you are now alone during everything!’ like:

being healthy

being sick 

in death

in crisis

when experiencing joy

during celebrations


Devastating loss while alone

The noise has led us to live through horror alone:


car accidents & other unexpected health issues

terminal illness 

COVID hospitalizations & death


Future plans changed

The noise says that planning our futures is no longer reliable while:

college education opportunities are being lost

career entry plans are being cancelled

families remain separated


This is a lot! And this is only a partial unpacking of what we as a community have experienced and are still experiencing this year. 


We know how hard this has been on you, the families with babies and young children. You, the families who are expecting babies this year. And you, families who are without the ability to bring your own extended families close to you during this time.


At Doulas Northwest, we too are at risk of closing. We -have not- closed. But we are as vulnerable as any small business. So we get it. And we care about how you’re doing. 


When you are ready, please reach out. Connect with us on how we can work together to ease some of your worries with new babies and your other littles. It can feel like a pretty precarious time to be growing our families! Let’s do this together.



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