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the rest of giving birth

17 Aug The Rest Of Giving Birth


I remember thinking…as soon as this baby is OUT, I can stop worrying about my birth experience and just get on with things already! I mean, I’m in this to have a baby, not HAVE a baby…

I spent little to no time considering the fact that my birth experience was not going to just end once my baby was born. And it wasn’t something that anyone in my life talked about, so with my first, I simply had no idea. With my second, I hadn’t accepted it yet…


As Postpartum & Infant Care Doulas, we find ourselves working through this realization with every single client family -that their birth experience has not ended with their baby’s physical birth. There is more to it. And we need to talk about the rest of giving birth. 


Building your family is a years long journey and very much like a big puzzle with many pieces of experience. Giving birth is only one of these pieces.


If you are pregnant right now, then you’ve already started working on your puzzle. The pieces are out of the box in a pile on your table, and you’re probably sorting…looking for the corners, the edges, and grouping like colors & patterns.


What you’ll soon learn is that the physical process of giving birth is more like getting each of your corners set in place so that the edges can begin to take shape, than it is like polishing off the last few center pieces of this intricate puzzle.


I don’t know about you, but in everyday life, once I get my corners set and most of the edge pieces in place, I usually start patting myself on the back and feeling like -this ain’t no thang-…just to end up frustrated by the slower work of working through the mess that ends up being the rest. Am I the only one who does this to myself??


I totally did this same thing when I had my babies. I didn’t think or prepare beyond the brain tease that is the idea of birth itself (because, let’s be real…it’s a very big deal), and ended up walking right into the frustrating pile of miscellaneous puzzle pieces that makes up the middle.


But this is where we come in. I didn’t know about Postpartum & Infant Care Doulas when I had my babies. You do! You have the opportunity to tap into our expertise and be ready for the middle of your puzzle, avoiding much of the frustration and angst that comes from trying to tackle it alone. 


Take a look at this link, Why The Focus On Postpartum?, which has additional resource links within, and let’s really get working on how to make the rest of your birth experience (your postpartum recovery and transition) something you can look back on later and be thankful for. Feel good about. Something that brings a smile to your face. 


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