Doulas Northwest | Things Nobody Talks About: Postpartum Bodies Are Messy!
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18 Dec Things Nobody Talks About: Postpartum Bodies Are Messy!


You did it! Your baby has arrived, and your heart has grown by 10 fingers and 10 toes.


The next few days and weeks are going to be filled with many new experiences…including your body’s transition out of and recovery from pregnancy.


Growing an entire human is quite a thing, if you think about it, and it makes sense that our bodies need a minute to “get back to normal.”


Nobody talks about just how messy this postpartum recovery from pregnancy and childbirth can be! So, let’s fix that right now.


You can expect to bleed from your vagina. A lot, actually. More than any period you’ve had.

Whether you give birth vaginally or by cesarean, you can expect to bleed for anywhere from 2 – 6 weeks, with the heaviest bleeding being in the first week after giving birth.


Everyone jokes about Depends and the giant pads women wear after having a baby, but you will come to appreciate their absorbent abilities too, and wear them without shame during these days!


You will notice fluids coming from your breasts. Starting with colostrum (golden, thicker texture) and transitioning into mature breast milk (white, thinner texture), your breasts will leak, drip, and for some, spray from time to time.

It is both a wonder to behold and a perfect opportunity for your next wet t-shirt contest…so you’ll want to be prepared with your preferred breast pads, Haakaa, or ability to spend time topless.


You will leak from your pores! Hormonal changes during birth and then during your postpartum recovery will have you sweating like you’re training for Seattle’s next marathon. Don’t be surprised when you wake up in bed, wet with sweat, wondering what happened.

Not to worry, this is a normal part of your body’s transition after pregnancy…it’s just messy sometimes! Doubling up on bed sheets, or placing a towel underneath you in bed can help reduce the need to change sheets during these days.


You can expect to need to dry your eyes a lot as a new parent! The physical and emotional changes you experience when learning to live at home with your baby are real. They bring real tears, even when it’s not clear why you feel like crying.


Part of this is normal hormone surges that happen in the first few weeks after giving birth, and part of this is simply the fact that your new little human is amazing and you love them more than you believed possible. Either way, your baby is worth a tear here and there.


So if we’re being honest:

Blood is messy!

Lactation and making milk can be messy.

Sweat makes a mess.

Tears are beautifully messy!


The birth of your baby is just the beginning of a long, rewarding, and sometimes messy road. Our most heartfelt congratulations on upcoming or recent arrival!


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