Doulas Northwest | Top 3 Northwest Locations For Your Photo Shoot
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04 Mar Top 3 Northwest Locations For Your Photo Shoot

As Spring approaches, you may be feeling as ready as we are to plan a maternity or family photo shoot! Read on, because we’ve got three amazing locations to tell you about.

We asked our friend and professional photographer, Laurel Ingleldue, of Once Upon A Time, to give us the scoop on her top 3 favorite northwest locations for outdoor photo shoots.


Ready?! We’re excited to share these with you!

3rd Favorite Location: Evergreen Valley Lavender Farm


“This is a location I discovered just last summer! Evergreen Valley Lavender Farm is located in Olympia and when the lavender is in full bloom, this place is incredibly beautiful!”

If you’re like us and LOVE lavender…then I think we can agree that this location is a must see. Will you be making time to check it out? I know we will!

If you plan to head out there, make sure you check the website for their hours.

2nd Favorite Location: Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge


“When working with young children, I like to find a place where they can run off some of that energy and have lots of cool things to look at. You know…like rocks and sticks! Because when you are two, rocks and sticks are super cool and make you smile which in turn makes for a successful photo shoot!”

Laurel tells of how the dirt road that parallels the nature trail lends to getting some fun and spontaneous shots on the way to the two white barns, and how the fall colors make this an especially amazing spot for fall photo shoots.

Doesn’t this sound great?  How soon can you fit the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge into your plans??

Number 1 Favorite Location: Fort Steilacoom


“My number one go to spot for photos is Fort Steilacoom. I love the variety that this location has to offer…There are wide open spaces, beautiful paths leading through tall trees, and several rustic barns which make for really great backdrops and have wide eaves on the buildings providing coverage for those rainy day photo shoots!”

Fort Steilacoom is a beautiful destination rich in area history, and fun for the whole family. We can understand why Laurel loves it so much!

Above all, Laurel stresses that, “…when I am choosing a location for a shoot, I always take the time to find a place that compliments my client’s style.”

Such wise words! If you’d like to find out more about these three locations, please follow the hyperlinks and enjoy!

To find out more about Laurel’s photography and services there are a number of options:





Phone: (360) 259-2476


Authored By: Kristyn Blocher

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