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03 Oct Traveling with kids? This is for you.

Being real, let’s just put it out there:


Traveling with babies and young children can be exhausting.


Any time a child’s routine and environment is disrupted, he or she might respond in challenging ways. And who can blame them? In their eyes, the world is changing and they are not sure what to expect next.


At the same time: you, the parent(s), are working hard to ride the line between safe driving and keeping the peace in the backseat.


Or maybe you’re earning your Masters in Refereeing while willing the airplane to fly just a little faster.


Whatever your reason for traveling or your methods of getting there, fine tuning your kid friendly strategies is bound to make for happier travelers.


Strategy A -Normal is as normal does.

Keeping in mind your child’s typical routine, maintain as much of it as possible. As much as is feasible, stick to the same daily schedule for things like snacks, naps, and storytime.


Now may not be the best time to try out that new fish cracker or fruit snack you bought the other day. It is probably a great time to pull out exactly the snack that your child expects to see in order to reduce the number of changes being experienced.


Strategy B -Busy busy busy.

Understanding your child’s normal activity level, being prepared to keep him or her busy with activities, games, and projects can help to minimize the feelings of confinement when in the car or on an airplane with restricted mobility.


Think: lots of coloring options, fresh activity books/videos/music, travel versions of favorite games, age appropriate puzzles or other games focusing on hand/eye coordination.


Strategy C -Wing it! This is an adventure, after all…

Maybe your style is take it as it comes. If so, then fill your travel days with new things and experiences!


New eateries, games, places, and rules may be exactly what jives with you and your family. In this case, picking up super cool (and new) snacks from the airport shop, acknowledging to your child that this is a time to toss out the schedule and go with the flow so, and encouraging excitement around all of the adventurous changes can help to ease the uncertainty and increase the fun.

You may be tired, you may want to go home…so here’s to finding the strategies that work best for you and yours. I wish you smooth sailing and tail winds as you travel with your children!

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