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24 Dec T’was A Night With New Baby

Twas a night with new baby, when parents were spent,

Every creature was stirring, even the pet.

The diapers were stacked by the changing table with care,

In hopes that the changing would happen right there.


The onsies were nestled all snug in their dresser,

While visions of enjoying them, became lesser.

Mother in her nursing bra, and I in my burp cloth,

Had just settled in for our night shifts, bound to the clock.


When at the front door there arose a gentle sound,

I left the bassinet’s side to take a look around.

Unlocking the door, not sure what stood before me,

I soon remembered, and was filled with glee.


Our Doula stood there, a smile on her face

Ready to come inside and check on our pace.

Always timely, always true, bringing reassurance

She reminded us of our capable endurance.


With a tight little swaddle, and a few minutes of shush,

She soon had our baby comfy and mush.

Through comforting words and at her kind behest

As soon as we could be ready, we joyfully headed for rest!


“Goodnight to you sweet parents, your child is asleep!

I’ll stay near her side, attending to every peep!

Rest and renew, for tomorrow is near!

You’re the perfect parents for this little dear!”


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