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22 Sep We Are The Doulas.





We are the doers.


We move toward the ones who are scared, hurting, stressed.

We move toward the lonely, the discouraged, as well as the joyful.


We do not insist that all things be in harmony at once, though strive for this perfection when possible.


We love it when the day unfolds easily, seeming like a cool breeze or the perfect cup of hot chocolate.


We do not avoid the difficult. The day that threatens to overwhelm with it’s intensity or unwelcome challenges.


We face the challenges with courage and determination, believing that even this is something we can overcome.


We build the lives we want and live them with grace and integrity.


We fiercely protect and take care of our closest people, and strive to see others taken care of equally.


We celebrate new beginnings and new people entering this world with open arms and strong breathing techniques.


We become the solid foundation new families rest on, as they grow in strength and confidence.


We always move forward, ready for the next opportunity to effect positive change and experiences.


We do not give up, but always remain ready for the success we seek.


We draw strength from others so that we can give it away again.


We grow, evolve, improve, adjust, always seeking to leave a place better than we found it.


We trust the process yes, but trust a client’s intuition more.


We are the Doulas.



Seattle | Tacoma | JBLM | Olympia




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