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25 Feb What Gives? -Your Newborn Care Class


Parents to be, ready to talk about what actually happens when you bring a baby home?

If you are like most of the new parents we work with, you just want to know: Hey, what gives?


What Gives? newborn care class is:

  • Private and convenient, coming to you in your home.
  • Taught by professional Postpartum & Infant Care Doulas
  • Focused on the real things you can expect as new parents and how to deal with them


In your first month as parents, a lot of things happen. Physical recovery from giving birth, baby’s adjustment to living life on the outside, feeding-sleeping-comfort needs that not only have to be figured out but they keep changing too!


Infant Feeding:

From day one, your baby will have the need to eat. But what will that look like for you, and how do your baby’s needs change in the first week, two weeks, month?

Feeding the baby becomes one of the most central parts of new parenting, with lots of potential for added stress.

We’ll talk about what to expect as baby’s stomach grows, how to know when baby is eating enough, what the most common challenges are, and what to do about them.


Newborn Sleep:

When does the baby sleep?

Where will our baby sleep?

What’s all this noise…is the baby still asleep?

Why does the baby wake up so often?

What if we can’t put the baby down?

When do we get to sleep??


Diaper Duty:

Big changes happen in the first one-two weeks on diaper duty! Learn what to expect as baby’s stools change and strategies for making diaper changes as peaceful as possible. Learn how to avoid getting peed on and what to do after a blowout!


Slippery When Wet – giving baby a bath:

You can do this! The first few baths might feel precarious, but we’ll get you all set up with the ways to handle your slippery fish, keeping everyone happy and warm.



This is an elusive unicorn for most new parents we talk to, but we have the secrets to mastering the perfect swaddle for your baby. We’ll leave you with the tools to decide if and when you want to swaddle your baby, and how to use this technique to maximise everyone’s comfort.


Creating Calm:

Calming your fussy baby -would you love to know about this?

Babies get fussy for lots of reasons, so we’ll help you learn to troubleshoot this issue as well as teach you one of the most reliable methods for soothing and calming your upset baby.


So let’s get you the scoop on What Gives? in the first month at home with a new baby. There’s no reason to go into this blind. With our newborn care class, you’ll end up with tools you didn’t have before, targeted at the most time consuming and demanding parts of the first month of parenting. 

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