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15 Apr Why I Am A Doula.

My reason for being Doula might not be what you expect.

It’s not seeing or holding new babies.

I don’t feel a need to protect or buffer my clients from the provider or birth place of their choice.

I have no personal need to see fewer inductions, epidurals, internal monitors, or cesareans.

I do not view a client who gives birth saying NO to her pain medication options, as more powerful than the one who wants every pain medication available.

You know why? Because those things up there…they’re about the Doula. Not the client.

I could choose to connect an outcome based agenda to my work as a Doula, and allow it to influence who/where/when/how I support the choices of my clients.

But this would not result in providing actual support.

It would limit the voice and empowerment of women if I offered “support” to, in a biased manner, and that would defeat the whole purpose of why I AM a Doula.

The most rewarding thing for me about being a Doula is seeing a woman and her partner grow, evolve, and embrace the challenge of developing confidence in themselves. When this happens, I am witness to their world literally opening up in front of their very eyes and they come to a place of welcoming their longed for baby with a version of themselves that they didn’t realize existed.

When this happens, a new kind of parent is born. One that knows the struggle will be worth it. One that can confidently move forward with the next set of challenges. One that can embrace the future with their new baby and be hopeful, even though they know it won’t always be easy.

The most rewarding thing for me about being a Doula is knowing that I can somehow have a part in helping them see their strength and capabilities as parents and as partners. Seeing confidence take hold and root deeply.

The details of this dynamic is unique to each family. Each set of needs, concerns, anxieties, desires, and priorities is different but is also what makes mine such a valuable role. Supporting in such a way that confidence can build and peace of mind is realized, requires a skill set that not everyone wishes to acquire.

To the families I’ve supported: You inspire me daily!

To the families I have yet to support: I cannot wait to see your confidence be found and released!

Being a Doula is who I’m meant to be.


Authored by: Kristyn Blocher

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