Doulas Northwest | Why The Focus On Postpartum?
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21 Nov Why The Focus On Postpartum?


The world of professional support for new parents is a’changing folks! For the better. 


Doulas and parents alike are becoming more aware of the Labor Doula’s “sister” modality: the Postpartum & Infant Care Doula. And as they do, new families are having an easier time adjusting to the many changes that come with a baby. 


As a seasoned doula myself, I couldn’t be happier with the influx of requests I’ve received from area families in the last few years…for support after the arrival of their babies. And I’ll tell you why:


Learning to live with your new baby is not only a joyful time in life, but it also creates a special kind of isolation that can’t be quantified or understood until it is experienced. 


We talk about it, warn about it, strategize against it, joke about it, and even discount it. But it is there -like our drunk uncle at Thanksgiving, and we all know it. 


Countless new moms and dads pick their way through the delicate moments that are the postpartum transition into life with a new baby. Teetering on the edge of ok and not ok. I’ve been there myself. Maybe you have too. 


And while new parents teeter, most get lost in the shuffle as the doula industry puts such a large focus on support during the labor and birth process, inherently minimizing the needs during postpartum recovery and new parenthood. 


I’m here to change that and shine a light on the value and availability of the Postpartum & Infant Care Doula. I’m tired of seeing new parents struggle in isolation and am prepared to help you experience something better


By far, the most impactful work I do as a doula is help new and expecting parents find their voices and their confidence. In no other place have I seen this happen more acutely, than amidst professional postpartum doula support. 


To get a finer picture of what this has looked like for other client families of Doulas Northwest, take a look through these posts -they offer a variety of perspectives and examples of what an experience of support is, in the postpartum period: 


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