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30 Jan Why We Love Epidurals


This Doula loves epidurals!

Did you know that? It’s true, friends.

A Doula, who is completely unbiased about your birth choices, and who’s goal is to see you empower yourself…loves epidurals.

If this comes as a surprise to you, stick around, and I’ll tell you why.

Every family develops their own ideas about how they’d like the story of their child’s birth to unfold. Sometimes the ideas are pretty general regarding a lot of the details, and sometimes the ideas are very specific.

Either way, the decision making is in their hands. The support they receive in making the necessary decisions, shapes their level of confidence and later, how they feel about their experience.

Enter the option of an epidural. The big E.

Most people in the birth world either love it or hate it. And many in my profession have decided it is the ultimate evil among a host of other intervention options.

But I say: The epidural is not evil! It’s just an option, like every other option. One that comes with benefits and risks, as all options do. 

For someone in labor, making the choice for or against epidural use is a personal one. And I assure you that the laboring person who chooses to accept an epidural is capable of making this decision. By the same token, the laboring person who chooses not to accept one, is equally capable of making this decision.


For the laboring person who confidently chooses to ask for an epidural, guess what happens? They go through the process of using their voice to advocate for themselves and their needs, thus empowering themselves! They stand up for what is right for them in that moment, and becomes stronger because of it.

For the laboring person who confidently chooses to refuse an epidural, guess what happens? They also use their voice, advocating for themselves and their needs, thus empowering themselves and becoming stronger because of it.

It’s wonderful!

Both ways, it’s a powerful, meaningful event.


A good Doula loves the epidural and the confidence that is built when deciding whether to use one.

This Doula knows that for the laboring person, giving birth without an epidural is not necessarily what will help them to recognize their own strength. Supporting the laboring person as they uses their voice to give birth on their own terms…that’s how the Doula helps a person recognize the strength within themselves.


The epidural directly represents one of the most common decisions a laboring person must make, allowing them to use their voice loudly to define the terms on which they give birth.


And this is why a good Doula loves epidurals.


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  • Juliea
    Posted at 15:04h, 01 February

    Completely agree!! We work with many clients who go either way and it isnt at all about whether she did or did not get “x, y, or z” – it’s about her being in control and making fully informed decisions. THAT is empowerment.

  • Sydnie Arnold
    Posted at 05:24h, 10 February

    helping women find their voice and making confident choices doesn’t require the doula to love the epidural. I have been working with expectant and laboring women for over 30 years. I have gone from seeing epidurals that made women so numb that they didn’t know one leg was hanging off the bed to very light epidurals that helped that mom who had labored for many hours get over that stalled labor. I still don’t love the epidural. My job as a doula and educator is to help an expectant mom and her birth partner navigate through all of her choices, pick the one that is right for her and help her attain her goals. I except the epidural as one of many tools/ choices. When used judiciously it is a good tool to have. It is very possible as a professional to support a client’s choice with out loving it.