Doulas Northwest | You Should Get A Postpartum Doula! But What Does That Even Mean?
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18 Jan You Should Get A Postpartum Doula! But What Does That Even Mean?

Have you been told you should think about hiring a Postpartum Doula after your baby is born? If you were, did it make you go…”Huh?”

If you are unsure what a Postpartum Doula does, you’re not alone. Many many families are still in the dark about what this means and are under the impression that it’s only something you do if and when you are diagnosed with Postpartum Depression.

Most Common Myth about the Postpartum Doula: I don’t need one because I don’t have Postpartum Depression.

Ok, but if it’s not just for when a woman has Postpartum Depression, then what does hiring a Postpartum Doula even mean?! And what does it look like to have one in your home?

Let’s look at this in some ways that make sense:

“I am unsure about what to expect with a new baby or how to establish a ‘new normal’ for my household…”

Bringing your baby home is an exciting event! But that doesn’t mean that it won’t be disruptive to your home’s routine or that you’ll find it easy to establish a new set of routines you can count on.

Your Postpartum Doula is trained and ready to help you understand the unpredictable dynamics that you’re experiencing with your baby and how to transform them into a routine you can appreciate.

Baths, feedings, soothing, sleep, baby care details, equipment set up and use, getting comfortable, tracking baby’s wellness info, and so on… If you crave predictability and want to understand the details of this parenting gig…your Postpartum Doula will be invaluable!

“I know that I’m simply going to need an extra set of hands around here while I’m recovering from birth…”

Giving birth is a lot of work! Our bodies and babies demand a lot of us while we’re recovering, yet the household still needs to run smoothly.

Your Postpartum Doula will meet your specific needs and make sure that your list of must-have-done things is completed without missing a beat.

You can relax into your recovery and adjustments with new baby knowing that the rest of your home & family’s needs are being met. Life keeps running smoothly, just as you want it to be and this Doula is your ideal ‘right hand man’.

“I’ve heard that having a new baby at home can be really isolating, and I’m afraid of being alone at that time…”

Your baby is the most scrumptious and adorable thing you’ve ever seen! His/her entrance into the world has you craving the opportunity to talk about your experience and share this time with someone who will appreciate everything you have to say.

Your Postpartum Doula is more than willing to hear you and respond by loving on you and your beautiful baby!

She will listen for as long as you would like, and let you know you’re not alone, praising you for the amazing mother that you are. She is your biggest cheerleader, and who doesn’t want one of those?!

“I need to know I’m doing what’s best for this baby, but I’m hearing so many different things that I don’t know how to be sure. It’s confusing and making me uneasy…”

Starting out life with a new baby can sometimes feel overwhelming! So many choices, options, and decisions to make. How do you decide which way to go, when the important people in your life are pointing you in so many different directions?

Your Postpartum Doula will help you navigate the many options you have, so that you can confidently choose what is best for you, your family, and your baby.

This Doula understands the challenge of wanting to be secure in the care you’re providing your new baby, while also trying to respect the advice you’re being given by loved ones. This Doula helps you build confidence and security in your decisions as a new parent.


Each real life scenario we help with is unique, and we love seeing each client family find their own perfect groove. 

To learn more about our Postpartum Doulas and how we can help your family, send an email to or call 360.602.1564. We’re right over here!


Authored by: Kristyn Blocher

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