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05 Mar Baby Is Here! Tips For Your Best Postpartum Recovery.


You prepare, plan, think about, and maybe worry about….the labor and birth of your child. And rightly so –the day you give birth to your baby is a big deal!

But what happens next? Reaching this finish line marks the start of a whole new race. How you decide to manage the first lap of this race will impact many of your future laps.


#1) Remembering that Rome (and your physical recovery) wasn’t built in a day.

However you give birth, you will spend time recovering.

With a vaginal birth, your baby has just made their way THROUGH major parts of your body. Feeling tender, sore, or bruised are all normal. In fact, we’d be surprised if you didn’t.

Your muscles might feel as though you’ve run a marathon…and you did! Labor is a very physical event and demands your whole body’s focus.

After a cesarean birth, you’ll have a surgical recovery in addition to any amount of labor you experienced. Giving yourself lots of grace and preparing to take things slowly will be necessary.

Regaining your physical comfort and mobility may take more time and assistance than you are use to and it will be important to listen to your body -not pushing yourself faster than it’s saying is ok to go.


#2)  Acknowledging your reality at home.

At home, what do you usually juggle? Because it will still need to be juggled.

Older children? Meals? Errands? Partner? Pets? Career?

How much help do you usually accept, outside of pregnancy & new parenthood?

Even if asking for help is not your thing, enlisting help during your postpartum recovery will be the name of the game and the key to getting you through this phase of the race.

In the moments when you are healing physically and most of your time is devoted to the care of your newest family member, who will be taking care of and nurturing youIf this is a tough question to answer, keep reading.


#3) Build your support system.

You’ve looked at your home’s needs and can see where support will be most needed.

If you’re lucky, you have some loving and involved family members who can help with some of your home’s needs. Friends, neighbors, or other close community members…they can all make a difference. When you have this village, trust me: they want to help! 

Come up with a list of things that your support system can help with, during your postpartum recovery:

  • small household tasks
  • errands, meals, diaper & grocery runs, walking the dog, etc
  • picking up family from the airport
  • anything that helps you do less and focus on recovery


#4) Polish it off with a Postpartum & Infant Care Doula.

Our Postpartum & Infant Care Doulas are trained and skilled professionals who understand:

  • the demands of physical recovery from birth
  • the transition from pregnancy to parenthood
  • the needs and behavior of your newborn
  • the range of what is normal and what falls outside the realm of normal during this time


Including a postpartum doula in your support team and recovery strategy enhances your village’s desire to be helpful and present, with professional expertise.


When your restless nights turn into sleepless nights…when you don’t understand why your baby is crying…when feeding your baby becomes frustrating or confusing…when you feel overwhelmed and alone…your Postpartum Doula helps make sense of it all.

Prepare for postpartum and your recovery with these things in mind, and you’ll be laps ahead already, in your new race called: parenthood.



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